Monday, April 4, 2016

 Major financial mistakes made by students
1. Burn your student loan money!

Instead of financial support with books, tuition, room and board, many students choose their holiday to finance an extravagant lifestyle, clothing, appliances and food. This school loans that have worked so hard to get for their education, to pay social life ... not as the money to use. You must come to them for many years to pay.

2. The credit card debt!

Even responsible adults can earn some substantial credit card debt, but students who have no viable income in addition to borrow money in the school, and Mom and Dad give them money, they do nothing more cards have credit. This is a recipe for credit disaster, because now students have not only loans to pay their school when they graduate, but credit card balances. Nellie May, the largest student loan manufacturer says that most students have an average of $ 5800 credit card debt.

3. not to pay their bills on time!

huge credit debt pile and do not pay your bills on time is a good way to ensure that you can not buy a car, rent an apartment or even get a phone after graduation. Keep personal credit cards to a minimum, and pay your bills on time to keep your good credit. You will thank yourself in a few years.

4. bad Quote!

to be a student usually means living on a fixed income. The time is with or financial money to make money from a part-time job or even mom and dad the money, money is often limited and the creation of a budget is important. A monthly budget does not mean you can not do the things you want to do, but just a plan so that you know the "pay" paid. To find out exactly what bills and expenses you have each month and a plan for the former. The money, after that you. Budget for social / recreational equipment such as CDs and barrels

5. Go to a university that is too expensive!

Instead of going to your local college classes for pre and expenditure of $ 25 per share, many students feel they should go for four consecutive years at the high school to college. Many end up at home and still go to a D. C., but he attended primarily a local school a good way to save money, and these classes require cheap mode. After these courses completion transferred to a 4-year school to finish his bachelor's degree. This will save thousands of dollars that have accumulated loans at school and have to pay well into their 30s.

Many students make poor financial decisions the result of poor financial literacy is. Students are not taught the importance of maintaining a good credit score, paying bills on time and budget control of their parents or teachers. prudent spending during the college years is to ensure that the money that you earn after graduation are issued on things you want, no credit card payments, the collection and school loan companies.


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  1. Does our country face any problem that is more important or far-reaching than America's growing economic divide? I think... and office-building cleaners taking out triple-digit-interest payday loans to cover the rent or keep their families fed.